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What is a Casino Instant Bonus?

A Casino Instant Bonus is a way to play Casino games for real money.

By playing in eligible Casino games, you can convert your Bonus Amount into cash. You have to earn a certain number of redemption points or place a required amount of bets.

How does a Casino Instant Bonus work?

Casino Instant Bonuses can be credited for a deposit or reload offer, or as a reward for offers and promotions. Casino Instant Bonuses are awarded to play some or all Casino games.

If a Casino Instant Bonus is awarded for a deposit, then the Bonus Amount will make up a percentage of the bonus package with your Contributed Amount forming the remainder of the bonus package.

Instant Bonuses

Your Contributed Amount balance is available to withdraw at any time. However, doing so will forfeit any remaining Bonus Amount balance.

If you have been awarded a Casino Instant Bonus without making a deposit, then the Bonus Amount makes up 100% of the bonus package.

How Instant Bonus Works

Bets made and winnings/losses from the bonus package will be made up of the same ratio as the bonus package itself. For example, this player received a bonus package for a 100% deposit offer, consisting of 50 in Bonus Amount and 50 in Contributed Amount.

Instant Bonuses

This player makes a 10 bet with their Casino Instant Bonus, of which 5 is taken from the Bonus Amount and 5 is taken from their Contributed Amount.

How Instant Bonus Works

They win 10 from this bet, and their Bonus Amount balance increases by 5. Their Contributed Amount balance also increases by 5.

Instant Bonuses

Bets, winnings and losses all have the same ratio of Bonus Amount to Contributed Amount as the bonus package itself. For example, if a player has a bonus package for a 20% reload offer on a 100 deposit, it will consist of 100 in Contributed Amount and 20 in Bonus Amount.

How Instant Bonus Works

How to convert a Casino Instant Bonus

In most cases, you will need to earn a certain number of redemption points by playing eligible games with your Casino Instant Bonus.

Different games award different amounts of points. You can find out more about how many points are earned in Casino games by visiting our PokerStars Rewards page.

Once the wagering requirements have been met, your Bonus Fund balance is converted to cash and added to your real money balance alongside your contributed amount balance.

In the case of Casino Instant Bonuses with no contributed amount portion (100% Bonus Amount) then the full bonus balance at the time of completion is converted to cash and added to your real money balance once the wagering requirements have been met.

How to manage a Casino Instant Bonus

The number of redemption points you need to earn to convert a Casino Instant Bonus to real money will be displayed when the bonus is offered, on the tables of eligible Casino games, and the information will be available to view on the web, desktop client or mobile app via the ‘My Rewards’ menu.

How Instant Bonus Works

You’ll also find additional details there, such as your Contributed Amount balance, eligible games and expiry dates.

You can also manage the order in which Casino Instant Bonuses are used, if you have multiple bonuses available – you can only use one Casino Instant Bonus at one time. Once you have cleared, paused, surrendered or lost your first bonus then your second Casino Instant Bonus will be automatically available.

Pausing and surrendering a Casino Instant Bonus

The ‘My Rewards’ menu also presents options to surrender or pause your bonus.

Pausing your current bonus will remove it from the available balance in the eligible games, and further wagering will not count towards redemption. You can choose to resume a paused bonus at any time up to expiry.

Surrendering your bonus package will immediately make your Contributed Amount balance available to you, but your Bonus Amount balance will be forfeit. If your bonus is made up of 100% Bonus Amount and no Contributed Amount, the bonus will be removed from your account.

How to review your game balance with an active Casino Instant Bonus

If a Casino Instant Bonus is available for use in a game, the available game balance will display the combined total of your real money balance, plus the highest priority Casino Instant Bonus available.

When placing a wager, funds will be taken proportionally from the currently available Bonus Amount balance and the currently available Contributed Amount.

If the Casino Instant Bonus balance falls below the bet you wish to place, the remainder of the balance will be combined with any real money funds available to make the bet.

If you have any questions about a Casino Instant Bonus, please visit the Help Center.